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Recipes for self love

Intersectional illustrations by Alison Rachel

As founder Alison Rachel, explains to Hunger , the zine was started at the end of 2016 as a project to disrupt mainstream media. Her Instagram account is an response to what she calls the “everyday garbage” of social media. With her illustrations she aims to challenge the everyday sexist, racist, LGBT+phobic etc. content that floods up the internet and instead create a safe space where women can learn how to feel good. Gathering inspiration from fellow online feminists or by writing her own content, each post comes with an insightful caption commenting on either social justice or her personal experiences.

“Practicing self love is an ongoing journey, often difficult, and we don’t always get it right but it’s totally rewarding and worth while.”

The zine, Recipes for Self-love started as a collaborative project on the concept of self-love. The zine is made-up of various mediums of creative work, such as written pieces or visual representation. The zine protests the way we have become accustomed to believing that, especially as women, our worth is determined by how beautiful society deems us to be.

As their Instagram bio read, “Little books to make you feel good”, the zine’s uplifting illustrations serve as a reminder that you are not alone. Investigating themes such as body-positivity, the Instagram account aims to challenge the beauty myth and acknowledge that self-love is a process that will not always be easy and most importantly take time. Her account is not only inspiring South African users, but is also making waves internationally, having been featured on accounts such as TeenVogue!

As Alison says online;

“I hope my illustrations can help women smash the patriarchy and combat internalized sexism.”

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