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Maisie Cousins

Feminist Photographer - Maisie Cousins

I first heard about London-based photographer, Maisie Cousins when she debuted her first solo show titled “grass, peonie, bum” in May, 2017. But this talented photographer has been sharing her work on the web since the age of 15, investigates themes such femininity, sexuality and women’s bodies. Dazed digital also featured the photographer artist as one of there Dazed100 nominees in 2016. And after visiting her personal site maisiecousins.com I can not only see why, but I have to admit that I am completely obsessed! Her images are captivating, using bright colors and oozing liquids, combined with fruits, flowers and body hair, as she aims to redefine femininity.

Her work aims to poke fun at the idea of women always having to be seamlessly beautiful, as she wants to rather portray a honest idea of “what girls are made of”. As Creative Review explains:

“Cousins’ work sits at the intersection of ugly and beautiful – seducing and confusing her viewers in equal measure. Fighting against clickbait feminism, she champions all things natural, making up her own rules as she goes”

Cousin’s work aims to subvert the ideals of perfection, and is not at all about taking a “nice picture”, but rather, about grossing herself out to raise awareness. No more ‘industry approved’ images of what females are expected to look like, but rather images that are normalizing nudity and celebrating all body parts. (Creative Review)

Her CV includes shooting for Polyester zine, contributing Petra Collins’ book Babe, as well as even a project for the Tate! Her project titles include projects like “What Girls Are Made Of”, “grass, peonie, bum” and many more. She even did some collage work for the exhibition I Feel Sick/Hot Flush in collaboration with Francesca Allen.

Here are a few of the amazing images she has produced, but I 100% recommend checking out her website as well as following her Instagram for regular posts and sensory overload.

“Nature is always beautiful and also disgusting. Even the most beautiful people leak, bleed and shit,” says Maisie Cousins of the relationship between the beautiful and the grotesque in her sticky, sweaty, hyper-saturated photographs and videos. Dazed Digital

View her website here.

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