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The Koekblik

Our first execution set the bar to be developed upon in order to create a strong connection with Koeksuters’ cause. This execution was the idea for a ‘Koekblik’. ‘Koekblik' is the Afrikaans word for a cake tin. It links to the brand’s name, Koeksuster, and is a play on words with dessert. We thought it was perfect for our cute and sweet emergency kit we had developed to be called the KoekBlik. We chose a few young women’s necessity items to go into the Koekblik, including: sanitary goods like pads and tampons, contraceptives in the form of condoms, pepper spray, a rape whistle, a pregnancy test and litmus nail polish which detects tampered with beverages. These selected items are extremely important for every girl to have. These Koekbliks were developed particularly for young women who cannot afford them. Koeksuster is an intimates and sleepwear company with a strong feminist belief. A percentage from all purchases made is donated specially into the making of Koekbliks for girls who cannot afford necessity items. This means that no extra cost was put into them, so that they can be given, absolutely free, to girls who cannot afford them but desperately need them. We designed the Koekblik in a unique and dessert-like way so that it ties in with the Koeksuster brand and links their message to their products.

For our second execution, we looked back at our first execution, the Koekblik, and noticed that something was missing. We needed to introduce the purpose of the products to the owner and tell its story. We decided to create a helpful pamphlet that goes into the Koekblik explaining important information about the campaign, about the Koeksuster brand and its story, the uses and purpose of the selected items and important social links.

It aims is to set up as a safe and trustworthy space where girls can ask questions they aren’t comfortable asking professionals, family members or friends. We designed the pamphlet to fit in with the Koeksuster aesthetic and style. We used a fun and comfortable wording approach and re-invented the introductions to each item found inside the Koekblik. (That we'll be sharing more of on social media!) The idea behind the fun and quirky introductions was to create a comfortable space for the girl reading the pamphlet so that she may feel welcomed and happy with the product. We designed and created unique illustrations for each product that was found in the Koekblik, which can be found on the pamphlet.

Our third execution is an informative poster. The poster was created to appear in girls’ bathrooms in colleges and schools. We created the poster with the heading and catch phrase: ‘Protect your Koek, Suster’. This is a fun way to attract the viewer’s attention to the poster and to hopefully create a connection between the viewer and the poster so that in turn the information can be grasped and understood. On the poster, we provided local emergency contact details, which girls can contact if and when they find themselves in an emergency situation and are having to deal with a certain issue.

We designed and created all three executions in a way that showed a perfect link between the Koeksuster brand, its feminist-forward thinking and its actionable plans that it has planned for the future. We aimed to let girls know that even though feminism is a mass movement in the present day, it is not too big to forget about your own special and personal needs. We want girls to feel like they are important, listened to, loved, worthy and normal for exactly who they are and how their bodies are naturally. Through our careful imagery and words, we aimed to create a fun and safe place as well as a purpose to a real social cause that will hopefully further the development for bigger and greater campaigns in the near future for the Koeksuster brand and females in general. Koeksuster explains, ‘feminism is a hugely broad spectrum with complicated integrations and thoughts. We cannot completely involve each aspect of feminism, but just by doing our small part, we hope to start to make even the smallest difference that we can.’

Although this is just an idea for now, we would love to one-day make this a reality. Especially in South Africa, not all girls have easy access to necessities such as sanitary products and contraception. Never mind having access to resources that teach them about their bodies in a way that is informative and empowering.

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