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Femme - Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment

A non-profit organization advocating access to Menstrual & Sexual health information & empowerment.

Femme Projects is focused on providing menstrual and sexual education and rights for young womxn. Established in 2014, this project has ran a workshop that they describe as an feminist approach to gender and sexual education. By facilitating in rural schools throughout the Western Cape the project believes that education motivates empowerment! Today they have facilitated nearly 4000 young womxn since starting out and run projects such as Educational Workshops, Community Development, Youth and social Development research as well as Program design, implementation and facilitation.

"We believe that our current education system, particularly the approach to educating young womxn particularly in Life Orientation needs drastic reform. "

They aim to provide school children access to accurate information that will support them in making well informed choices. They especially also take a look at the right of LGBTQI and Trans Learners, acknowledging the importance that students of all sexual orientations should have access to sexual education.

As their name and slogan explains "Freedom of Education Motivates Empowerment", their project highlights the importance of empowering rural communities in regards to health. By running their project they are able to empower students to make educated decisions about their sexual health. Personally I am often so concerned with how sexual education is not being addressed correctly or actively in my immediate surrounds that I neglect the extreme importance of making this education available in disadvantaged communities. This project brings to light the importance of leaving no student behind and acknowledging that only by learning to know our bodies can we make empowered decisions.

On their Instagram page, the project also notes the importance of addressing the reproductive system and creating a safe space where students can ask questions and learn to understand their own bodies. As they explain;

“You don't need to nickname a VAGINA to be able to speak about it, educate about it or celebrate it. We can only take care of it and talk about it if we are educated about how the VAGINA works and to respect it & its natural processes. We can only use academic terms if it is accessible to those that need access to the vital gender & sexual health conversations. (Not leaving it until we are adults, but educating at an early stage so that we can make healthy and empowered choices)”

They also recently released their VAGINA / REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM T. You can buy their T-shirt for R250 on Instagram or send a mail to femmprojects@gmail.com. All the proceeds from the T-shirts go towards funding their workshops and programs. By supporting the project we are able to make Feminism more than just a fashion trend. Wearing the Vagina/ Reproductive System T not only aims to raise awareness, but you will be able to make an active contribution in helping to sponsor their educational programs.

Visit their website here!

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