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Sarah and Ceil are the founders of the new Cape Town clothing brand aimed at fighting stigma surrounding sex and gender. Making slogan hats and T-shirts they are, as they explained in their interview with Between10and5 , are changing the way we talk about sex by provoking the inherent sexism and patriarchal taboos of society.

“Clits are normal. Clits are important. Clits are lit.”

As described by The Sunday Times , C(lit) Clothing is “empowering women, one sex-positive T-shirt slogan at a time”. Their products are available in colors such as a trendy pink, white or black that are embroidered with statement slogans. The range and consists of slogans that speaks to current gender discourse.

When I excitedly showed my mom their Instagram account, announcing that I want a 'Tr(eat) Me Better’ Tee at the dinner table, my enthusiasm was undoubtedly frowned upon. (Apparently discussing the Clitoris at family get-togethers is inappropriate.) While bold and feisty, these slogans are not only empowering, but they also point out the stigma we have, even in the safety of our own households, towards sexual expression and talking about sex.
I found their interview with Design Indaba, especially inspiring. They discussed removing two of T-shirts from their collection as fans felt it profited off of black culture. In specific they mentioned that they too have investigating and unlearning to do as a brand aiming to challenge stereotypes. As founder Ceil mentions ;

“I think with the kind of subject matter that we are talking about it’s going to be a constant learning process and we try to be as inclusive as possible,”

As an aspiring feminist platform ourselves, I think it’s important to realize that understanding gender discourse, and especially intersectionality, is a process and we need freedom to explore and discuss these topics so that we can become the critical thinkers we would like to be in this world. As they explain to in their interview with The Sunday times "We acknowledge that our voices are only a small part in the narrative going on in South Africa right now in terms of social issues. We are striving to create a brand that multiple people can relate to on some level.”
So if you see my in my C(lit) Clothing slogan Tee, be sure to strike up a conversation about how we are influenced by our social environments and the stigma we have towards sex.

"Clothing can become such a powerful tool for self-expression, and if that expression can communicate or make social statements, it transcends normal 'dress' and becomes a way to express identity. Fuck cat-calling. Fuck sexual suppression. Fuck misogyny."

Fuck it all indeed. (The Sunday Times)

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