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Ashley Lukashevsky

Illustrations to dismantle patriarchal nonsense and systemic racism

Ashley Lukashevsky is a Hawaiian born artist who now lives and work in Los Angeles. We first came across Ashley’s illustrations over on her very successful Instagram page, where she shares her latest illustrations, all commenting on social justice.

"With a passion for social justice and advocacy, Ashley dreams of using design as a tool to strengthen social movements."

In her interview with Design Sponge, Ashley explains that she tries to create illustrations that not only raises awareness but provide her followers with actions they can take to support the social causes that her work amplifies. Ashley is an advocate for liberation through learning and explains that only by continuous learning can we become more inclusive.

"I believe that artists have the responsibility to amplify the truth: voices of those marginalized by mainstream media, current events, their emotions. They shape the visual landscape and have the power to introduce new concepts to the viewer in a way that written word may not be able to."

Visit her online store here.

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