Girls supporting girls

The Ladies Network

Celebrating the creative contributions of women

Creative Agency, The Ladies Network, is a Sydney based collective for female identifying creatives. They organize events and exhibitions to support and recognize women in the arts. By mainly hosting art exhibitions, music events and running an online art store, The Ladies Network aims to create a supportive environment for women in the arts.

 “Where gender inequality is highlighted in our art it is largely explored in a way that focuses on the opportunities women are seizing in reconstructing their role in society.”

Showcasing art by over 30 female artist, the exhibitions and work, curated by Lara Vrkic, tend to also investigate the female experience. The Ladies Network’s main aim is to get female artists recognition and function as a helping hand in getting exposure for artists. As Vrkic explains to Broadsheet Sydney;

“Part of organising the event is posting content and finding opportunities for the artists, it’s almost like I manage them in the lead up to the exhibition,”.

The reason for starting an all-girls collective is simple; “Males dominate art. I wanted to go against that and start a girl gang,” Such an amazing example of Girls supporting Girls.

Support The Ladies Network here.

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