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British-Ghanaian Model turned activist Adwoa Aboah, is the founder, creator and spokes woman for the online community called Gurls Talk. After starting on Instagram in 2015, Gurls Talk has grown into an online community and platform for young girls to talk about things they are experiencing or feeling. From breaking down taboos about discussing mental health to first kisses, Gurls Talk is all about starting a conversation.

“It is through the internet that more young women than ever before are able to engage with feminism, with things like #everydaysexism and #freethenipple bringing attention to the work towards equality that still needs to happen.”

Aboah and Gurls Talk support so many of the same ideas that Koeksuster is based on. As Aboah explains; “We cannot underestimate the importance of a good conversation.” By starting a conversation, we create a space where we are not only learning and evolving our ideas, but we feel safer to explore and investigate. The way Aboah and Gurls Talk investigate pressing issues and female conversation is not only informative, but honest and inspiring. Teaming up with i-D Magazine, Aboah has already made a series of videos where she explore issues such as Free the Nipple, Mental Health, Sexuality and Stripping and anything related to Girl Power.

“There are so many things that need more attention, and we need to keep the conversation going - to support each other, but also to normalize issues that carry stigma. It's good to talk - and we need to do a lot more of it.”

It clear that Aboah is not just your run of the mill model, her resume includes being the cover star of i-D Magazine’s Female Gaze Issue, as well as staring in H&M’s autumn campaign, that aimed to redefine the meaning of being ladylike. Aboah’s aim to get “get gurls talking” resonates through not only her brand, but in her personal life as well. Having dealt with her own depression and addiction, Aboah shares her own journey to self-acceptance. Watch her inspiring interview, where she shares more about her personal obstacles and journey, with StyleLikeYou here...

Adwoa Aboah is a role model, a woman who refuses to confine to stereotypes and keeps on investigating sparking much needed feminist conversation!

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