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Petra Collins

Petra Collins - Capturing Girlhood

Petra Collins is 100% girls power. Collins is a photographer, model, and “it” girl and having shot for Vogue, i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Elle as well as working with brands such as major fashion-house Gucci, her photography is taking the fashion world by storm. She was named as one of Dazed’s 100 Creatives Shaping Youth Culture and has curated the art Book, titled BABE, featuring over 30 Female Artists from around the world. Her photography style has been described as “dreamy, hyper-feminine aesthetic” and the New Yorker has dubbed this aesthetic the female gaze of Petra Collins.

Petra Collins was always rooted in feminism, starting with shooting for Rookie as a launched pad all the way to curating the art Book, titled BABE, featuring over 30 Female Artists from around the world. Feminism and Nudity is more than often a subject in Collins’s work. She focuses on sexuality in a way that notes that as females young woman are often “partly empowered by one’s sexuality, partly punished by it.” Making her name as a female creative comes with it’s own obstacle’s as Collins explains to Forbes; “Being taken seriously as a young woman is the biggest hurdle as I grow older,”. Collins is all for Girls supporting girls and working together as a female collective as shown with her book Babe. On advice for other young aspiring female photographer’s and/or entrepreneurs Collins gives the following advice;

“You just have to stay strong. You can’t break down. Don’t give up on what you want to do.”

To even consider launching a feminist brand means at Koeksuster, we have fully investigated the aesthetic of Petra Collins, that dazed online describes as a “visual guide to girl power”. Collins often shoots in film, but her work includes digital photographs as well. To get her magical hazy images, Collins uses fluorescent-lit warm diffused light. Finally to contribute to her girly take on feminism, her images often includes elements such as flowers, stickers, glittery nail polish, the color pink to ultimately capture being a young woman. On using girly elements Collins explains to Vogue;

“I think a way that feminist photographers work is turning what was the object into the subject and really making it our own. [There are things] like pink or like princesses or stuff like that, that you’re forced to kind of live with…It’s about choosing to use those things and not being forced to like them.”

Her endless archive of dreamy work can be viewed either on her Instagram account or personal website.

See more of Petra's work here!

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