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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion - Pansy, organic cotton underwear company

Ethical and sustainable fashion is all the buzz right now, but this seeming trend, should not only be a season’s must-buy, but a way of life. To be completely socially conscious, and feminist for that matter, we must keep in mind where the things we consume come from as well as what they are doing to our society and environment.

Dazed Digital’s post How ethical fashion is part of the feminist fight, sheds a lot of light on this issue. Unethical clothing, like cheap labour, poor working conditions or any exploitation, whether its exploiting labour or resources, should be a concern to all of us. As Sophie Slater explains to Dazed Digital ;

“I personally see ethical fashion as a feminist issue, because 80 per cent of garment workers in sweatshop conditions are women… If you consume clothing and have a feminist consciousness, you should probably give a shit.”.

As the post goes on to explain, we cannot call ourselves feminist if we sell out for the latest fashion trends. Although this seems like a simple request, I can admit to often giving in to fast fashion just for the sake of a bargain buy or following a trend. We have to keep in mind who is making our clothes and what our fashion choices are doing to our environment. And that if we support unethical and unsustainable Fashion Brands, we are contributing to these conditions and ensuring that they will continue. Because ultimately as Tansy Hoskins tells Dazed;

“Feminism is not just a word that can be printed on a t-shirt, it’s a set of beliefs and it’s actions behind those beliefs”

This then brings us to Pansy. Their ethical production methods and gorgeous lookbooks, makes Pansy the ideal brand to feature in our first ‘Brands we Love’ Blog post. Pansy is an organic cotton underwear company, founded by Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry. By establishing Pansy they aim to provide a product that incorporates comfort, beauty and has a feel good nature to it. Pansy’s underwear is made from organically grown natural fibers and all of their products are sewn in California. Their lingerie is all about comfort, minimalism and nature. Inspired by the countryside the creators claims that “I think the clothing we wear is just as important as the food we eat,.

Pansy shows us that we can get the best of both worlds. And more importantly shows us that we should not stand for unsustainable, unethical fashion. You are what you consume. And as the market we have the power to demand better.

Browse and Shop Pansy here.

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