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Frances Cannon

Illustrator and Self-love activist - Frances Cannon

Frances Cannon is a Australian based artist with a passion for body positivity and feminism. Cannon is helping women see their own beauty one body-positive illustration at a time. Her illustrations are real and raw, celebrating curves, stretch marks, body hair and anything that main stream beauty describes as imperfections. As she explains to The Huffington Post:

"Self-love is a process, It takes time and effort. Some days are harder than others, but with practice, patience and belief in yourself, it becomes easier and more natural to love who you are.”

As if her portfolio and regularly updated Instagram account isn't inspiring enough Cannon also is the brains behind the now famous Instagram tag called Self Love Club. Self Love Club is a result of Cannon getting a Self Love Club tattoo on her arm as a symbol of acknowledging self worth. Soon after she was being tagged in images from all over the world having inspired an entire social media movement.
The Self Love Club’s rules are as follows:
1. You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.
2. You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.
3. You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health.

Who would not want to belong to this club? Joining is easy all you have to do is follow the club rules. The tattoo functions as a promise to always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

Cannon brings light to important issues through her quirky illustrations. She contributes to a more inclusive and conscious online space, one that Koeksuster is more than eager to by inspired by and to be a part of. For your everyday dose of self love and body positive inspiration give her Instagram a follow or check out and support her website and online shop!

See more of Frances's work here.

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